Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

Why travel Europe with a dog?

The real question is - Why not travel Europe with a dog?  Generally, Europe is much more dog-friendly than the US and it’s a great way to meet people and get an “insider” view into a city. You also see parts of the city through the eyes of the people who live there.

For example, I lived in London for about four years without a dog – and I saw the city in a whole new way when I travelled there with Fritz.  One morning we went to Lincoln’s Inn Fields in central London.  It’s around the corner from my old office and I used to go there all the time.  But with Fritz it was different.  We spent about two hours one morning – me talking to other dog owners and Fritz playing with other dogs. I discovered a great group of people who I would have never met without Fritz

Tourists always say they want to experience ‘real Europe’ and there is no better way than with a dog.  Fritz is an instant conversation starter and through him I’ve connected with random people in a way I would never have done without him.

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