Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Practical points - hotels

Finding pet-friendly hotels in Europe is not a problem. And it’s not in the US where a lot of hotels are either low-end and/or on the outskirts of towns. I tend to use which has a box you can tick for “pets” when you search for hotels. 

Fritz and I have stayed in some great places.  Our favourite is Hotel du Pillon, in Les Diablerets, Switzerland. 

In London, we love the Citadines chain of self-catering apartments. The point is – yes, some hotels don’t allow dogs, but plenty do.  Your dog should be crate trained, though.  It’s a good idea, and required by hotels, to keep him crated when you’re not there.  Also a lot of hotels charge a bit more per night, around €10/£10.

There are also some hotels that specifically bill themselves as pet friendly and/or designed for dogs.  We’re looking forward to visiting these in future journeys.

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