Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

We love Hotel Missoni

Hotel Missoni in Edinburgh is fantastic!  Rooms start at £220 a night and it is well worth it.

When we got into the room we were pleasantly surprised with a bed and water/food bowls and the staff were lovely to Fritz - which was a wonderful exception to much of the reception we received elsewhere in the city.

The location is perfect -right on the Royal Mile and within walking distance of a few great parks.  The food is also lovely.  The bomboloni at breakfast is as good as they claim.  And dinner is also great. Overall, Edinburgh had a large Italian population and some wonderful Italian food - dry pasta from the supermarket doesn't come close to the fresh, perfectly-cooked Tagliatelle I had at Hotel Missoni.  Or the other good restaurants I sampled in the city.

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