Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2012

We love Lincoln's Inn Fields

I've written about this before -  we love Lincoln's Inn Fields in central London.  There is a great doggie social scene - a group of dog owners who meet every day (and are also welcoming to new visitors).

We met up with some of them this afternoon. And they were a wealth of information.  Apparently the Cafe Nero chain of coffee shops is relatively dog-friendly. Cooper's restaurant, just opposite the park, also welcomes dogs, as do a number of pubs on Wellington St in nearby Covent Garden.

This was good news after a very disappointing morning.  We unsuccessfully tried to go into a new Viennese restaurant  - I tried to make that case that if we were actually in Vienna we could go in, plus with a name like Fritz he should be most at home in an Austrian-themed place.  But I got the "we can't because of 'health & safety'"  This is the typical response I have got from a lot of restaurants.  But when I talked to a woman at Cooper's she said that the only regulations are against dogs being in the kitchen and that it's really up to the restaurant owner's discretion.

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