Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Practical points – does your dog travel well?

Travelling with a dog is great, but before you bring him or her along, have a think.

Fritz’s first time on public transportation was taking the T-bana (Stockholm metro) home with me when he was two months old.  We spent our first day together at home, and the he started coming with me to work every day.  We get around Stockholm  via T-bana, commuter train, bus and bicycle – and he usually just falls asleep.  Also, since he comes to work he’s been very socialised from an early age.  This is not to say he’s a well behaved dog (he’s quite naughty at times), but he’s good in public and with people. And usually in restaurants he just chills out or sleeps under the table with his moose.

I would argue that because dogs in Europe are allowed more places, they are naturally more socialised – and better behaved.  So before taking your dog on holiday, think seriously about how well he or she does in the car or being out in public. 

Also, always bring food, a bowl for water and toy/pig’s ear/bone when you’re out.  Dogs are like children and need to be amused and taken care of or else they act up.

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