Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Geneva - May 2012

Geneva is a dog’s paradise.  I didn’t have any trouble bringing Fritz into restaurants or bars.  I walked right in with him and no one batted an eye.  If you have your heart set on one particular restaurant, it’s best to ring ahead and make sure it’s ok.  But if you’re just going to wander around until you get hungry, then I wouldn’t worry. 

I was in Geneva for a meeting at the Palais de Nacions and, although there are no “no dog” signs there, I didn’t try to bring him in.  But otherwise, dogs are widely accepted.

The only issue with Geneva is that the leash laws are quite strict and when we were there Fritz was still learning to walk on a leash.  There are many lovely parks, and I’d suggest walking along the Lake from the WTO to the city centre. Also, when I lived in Geneva I was near Parc Bertrand and there is a dog park there where you can run your dog around.  The other nice thing about Geneva, and other parts of Switzerland, are the free dog poo bags located in convenient locations around most parks.

Also, I've written that airline rules are usually relaxed about dogs, but at the Geneva airport there were quite strict about the weight limits and multiple carry-ons, so be forewarned. 

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