Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Practical points - what season?

Because Fritz and I travel for work, we go rain, shine or snow.  But if you’re planning a holiday then you have options  - and I would highly suggest going when it is nice, even if going off-season might save money.  And for a couple of reasons:

1.     Dogs can almost always be outdoors.  Even in countries in which dogs do not have the full run of the place (think England or Sweden), they can almost always sit outside at cafes.  So try and travel when outdoor eating is a realistic option.

2.     Fritz is behaves very badly when he doesn’t get enough exercise.   Even at his size, he needs a lot of play time.  When you’re travelling, you really can’t afford to have your dog acting up and being naughty, so it’s extra important to walk them enough. Naturally, this is more fun when it’s warm and sunny!  And walking the dog is a great way to see a city!

In Northern European, being “too hot” isn’t a real concern, but in Southern Europe it can be.  So also think about heat exhaustion and checking out warm countries in the autumn, spring or even winter.

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