Freitag, 22. Juni 2012


Edinburgh has some great parks, but overall we were really disappointed by how unfriendly it was to dogs.  Everywhere we look shops are selling Scotty dog souvenirs, but try taking a dog into a pub and see how far you get.

I walked into one bar just to quickly meet up with a few friends and was instantly forced out.  I can understand restaurants (sort of) but it was very difficult to find a dog-friendly pub.  I practically begged to let him stay in a pub for the Greece-Germany football match (his name is Fritz, after all) and finally won over the manager.

I am sure that if one researchers Edinburgh properly, there are dog-friendly places, but from what I could tell it was the worst of British culture: an unrelenting subservience to the rules without any room for discretion.  I saw some appalling behaviour from drunken Scots on a Friday night, so I'm not sure why a 3kg dog in a bag is a problem.

Anyhow, we still managed to make friends and see some nice bits of the city.  And Hotel Missoni was amazing.

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