Freitag, 24. August 2012

Practical points - Dogs on trains

Fritz likes to ride on trains.

Each country's rail service is a bit different when it comes to trains.  In Sweden, dogs must be pre-booked as there is one carriage designated for dogs.  In the UK dogs can ride anywhere (although if the dog is taking up a seat or you have multiple dogs you may be charged extra).  In Switzerland, tiny dogs are free, whilst small and large dogs need a 1/2 price ticket.   Apparently dogs in Belgium cost up €2,20 but I have never been charged.  Similarly, pets on French rail cost €6 if in a bag and the cost of a 1/2 price ticket if on your lap/nearby you but I have never been charged either.

Generally assume dogs are allowed - except for the Eurostar which is absurdly dog-unfriendly in contrast to all the other rail services.  Still a good idea to check the websites before you travel for more updated information.

Swiss rail
SJ (Sweden)
Deutsche Bahn
National Rail (UK)
Belgian Rail
French Rail

Sonntag, 19. August 2012


In Copenhagen we stayed at the First Hotel Skt Petri which is in a fantastic location, central and close to all the main attractions.  It's also only a few blocks from Ørstedsparken.  Dogs are meant to be on-leash in the park but I saw this loosely enforced.  Also, next to the park in the median strip on Nørre Voldgade is a fenced in dog park.  I know it sounds strange, but it works.  Copenhagen is known for bicycles and being very cycle friendly - and as a result there is little car traffic in the centre relative to other cities.

We were only in Copenhagen for a day and a half so not enough time to really explore.  I talked to some dog owners in the park, though and they said dogs are allowed into a lot of cafes but that there aren't enough off-leash places.

Also, I forgot to bring dog food and the hotel very kindly made us up a plate of steak and potatoes.  All organic, of course!

Fritz goes to the beach

The island of Långholmen is in Lake Mälaren, right in central Stockholm.  It's mostly car-free and home to a nature reserve and several beaches with fantastic views of the city.  Dogs are allowed off-leash on about half of the island and there's a nice beach where they can go for a swim.

Donnerstag, 2. August 2012

Shopping in London

Fritz and I had a day out in Belgravia/Knightsbridge.  

We started at Mungo & Maud,  one of our favourite pet shops.  Then we walked to Sloan Square and up Sloan Street. Everywhere was dog-friendly - Christian Louboutin, Smythson, Mont Blanc, Moncler, Louis Vuitton and Missoni.  At Smythson they even told me to let him off the leash and let him run around the shop.  I kept him on-leash at Louboutin, though, since he loves to eat shoes.

And then we went to Harrods, which I certainly recommend for pet-lovers.  Harrods Pet Kingdom sells animals so for health reasons you must bring proof of vaccinations/a pet passport with you. Dogs are not allowed into the rest of the store so if you report to Door 3, the security guard will ring up to the Pet Kingdom who will send someone down to escort you.  They have a great selection of animal toys, treats and accessories - and even a pet bakery!  And Fritz made friends with the helpful staff as you can see below.

And if you want to shop in the rest of Harrods?  Leave your dog at the dog spa!  They offer everything from grooming to massages. There is also a daycare service where you can leave your dog whilst you wander around (booking recommended).

London 2012

On the way to London in July, we had a cab driver who asked what Fritz's olympic sport was.  

Brussels - July/August - 2012

Fritz and I were back in Brussels in July/August.  Whenever I have been to Brussels in the past it has been cold and raining.  This time we were treated to perfect weather.  We checked out Parc du Cinquantenaire, which is dog friendly as the sign at the entrance makes clear.

Although the sign implies a leash law, we saw plenty of dogs off-leash so I suspect this is loosely enforced, as in much of Stockholm.

I've blogged about this before, but we always stay at the Sofitel Europa on Place Jourdan.  They are very dog friendly - Fritz was provided his own bowel and bed.  Also, they are convieniently located near Parc du Cinquantenaire and Parc Leopold.