Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012

Brussels in June, again

On the way back from the UK, we travelled via Brussels again.  One point of information, the rail connections between Calais and Brussels on Saturday nights is lacking, so make sure to double check train times before you book your ferry to make sure you arrive in Calais early enough to get a train.

We stayed at the Sofitel Brussels Europe, which is in a great location and very dog friendly.  On the room service menu, they have a section "For our faithful friends," with a selection of dry food and delicacies (I asked and they suggested the croquettes).  This was handy because I had packed enough food for Fritz for 18 days and we were in Brussels on Day 19 of our trip.  He had the 150g plate of minced meat, carrots and rice.  

Housekeeping will also bring a water bowl and rug on request.

There are a lot of horrible hotels in Brussels; the Sofitel is great.  It's a luxury hotel at reasonable prices and we'll definitely stay there again.

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