Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012

Around Brussels

Fritz and I had a day to kill in Brussels so we wandered around.  Sadly, the weather didn't cooperate.  Can I point out this was late June?

We stayed near Parc Léopold and Place Jourdan, in the EU Quarter.  The EU Quarter is generally soulless, full of office buildings and generally empty on weekends.  But Place Jourdan is a nice oasis of 'real' Brussels in this part of the city.  Place Jourdan also has a nice market on Sundays.  

Chez Antoine on Place Jourdan purportedly has the best frites in Brussels.  And also on the square is Chez Bernard, a bar in cooperation with Chez Antoine.  You can get your frites and then head over to Chez Bernard for a beer (they also have a nice selection of non-alcoholic beers).  Fritz and I went in and there were 3 other dogs at the table next to us.  Again, Brussels is great that you really can take dogs inside!

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