Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

Dogs in airports

Some airports are very dog-friendly, especially Stockholm-Arlanda, our home airport. When we went up to the KLM desk to check in for a flight to Amsterdam we were welcomed with 'we've been expecting you.'  Other times, we've been let up to the front of queues and, well, they're just great.  Cabin staff on another flight were most understanding when Fritz escaped from his bag and started running up and down the aisle ...

Unfortunately, US airports we found were not so dog-friendly.  Most places have dog relief areas, but they're outside of security and can be a hassle to get in and out of.  After a total of about 13 hours (getting to the airport, flight, going through customs and immigration) Fritz ended up peeing in baggage claim in Newark. And most US airport have carpet... 

Anyhow, I've been yelled at for letting him walk around in Newark and Atlanta which I think it quite unfair. If you have a three hour layover after an eight hour flight, it's not fair to keep a dog cooped up in his bag :-(

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