Sonntag, 23. September 2012

Stockholm Archipelago

The Stockholm Archipelago (skärgård in Swedish), is comprised of over 30,000 islands and extends from central Stockholm out into the Baltic.  We went out to the island of Finhamn for some exploring.

The boat ride takes about 3 hours, but worth it for the views as it navigates through the island channels. Dogs have to stay on the bottom deck but that isn't a problem and all the boats have a snack bar and comfy seats.

Once we got to Finnhamn we did some hiking.  I have a pack from ToughTraveler that I have mentioned before, but at this point Fritz has so much energy he is good to go for a day hike.

General rules in the archipelago are that dogs are allowed off leash from end of August until around end of May but must be on-leash in the summer and in nature reserves.  All of Finnhamn is a nature reserve so I was being a bit naughty here.  Finnhamn is also home to a great restaurant and an organic farm.

Swedes love taking dogs on adventures.  Just remember a life vest!

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