Freitag, 24. August 2012

Practical points - Dogs on trains

Fritz likes to ride on trains.

Each country's rail service is a bit different when it comes to trains.  In Sweden, dogs must be pre-booked as there is one carriage designated for dogs.  In the UK dogs can ride anywhere (although if the dog is taking up a seat or you have multiple dogs you may be charged extra).  In Switzerland, tiny dogs are free, whilst small and large dogs need a 1/2 price ticket.   Apparently dogs in Belgium cost up €2,20 but I have never been charged.  Similarly, pets on French rail cost €6 if in a bag and the cost of a 1/2 price ticket if on your lap/nearby you but I have never been charged either.

Generally assume dogs are allowed - except for the Eurostar which is absurdly dog-unfriendly in contrast to all the other rail services.  Still a good idea to check the websites before you travel for more updated information.

Swiss rail
SJ (Sweden)
Deutsche Bahn
National Rail (UK)
Belgian Rail
French Rail

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